imageThis picture inspires me toward chandelier earrings. In silver with a modern filigree. A large focal brooch. Curved into a statement bracelet. This is how I see. I walk around looking, one person may see one thing, & I may see another. Most of us do this. The drawing of my attention to a single moment peels back something that caught my eye. Revealing to me another world where the colors and shapes begin to dance and delight me. A shape takes form that pleases me, makes me smile, and then a click, the proverbial light going off in my head, and I just “know”. Designing jewelry becomes a playtime, an experience outside myself.
I’m only now learning to grab the iPhone for a quick photo, a quick voice memo. Id like to find an easy app that allows me to draw on a picture for ideas. More reading. This process I have always called, having a god moment, those perfectly still moments that particularly shine within the single moment.

My classes are going well I’m excited every week with each project turnout. My teacher and fellow students inspire me to see so much more possibility. I am starting to dream of putting the different aspects of what I’m learning together and creating my own line.

I will note that I started writing this blog many months before I released it. I wanted to have something built up and collected. Waiting to see where my interests develop as an artist and my concepts for how I want to present my line. Part of this blog’s journey is a testament to the development of my hobby turned full-time and to a third, yea, fourth wind career.

Back to today; I am continually considering who do I want to be as an artist, what do I want to stand for, how shall I express myself, what ideas through metalsmith, wire working, soldering, and mixed media forms. My playfully humble attempt continues to try to display a brief glimpse of beauty.

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