Autumn Moon
I’m a seasonal. By this I mean that I have always loved the change of the seasons. This was the primary reason for myself moving to the Washington, DC area some 13 yrs ago from the thin seasoned Miami.

I find myself usually reflective during the Fall. With change so evident I get carried on the breeze of nostalgia. Not wanting to get stuck in the emotions of nostalgia I use the season to take time to reflect over the past year. All the joys, all the rough spots. As I look up and out of myself, my past, I open my eyes to the glory that comes from living. Each day. There is an accumulated knowing that hums peacefully, always supporting me in the background. I’ve made it this far in life, I’m alive, in the pursuit of what each day offers, the colors of Fall reassure me. The cycles continue. Every Autumn I find myself grateful. As the leaves drop and color fades, I nod in gratitude for the beauty of life lived, and the assurance of a continuance; that not only is to come, but is always now, especially in Autumn.IMG_1344

Now, in this life’s new chapter’s endeavors, I am in the studio this Autumn season practicing, and learning. Working with the season, I have been working in copper to try out new toys. This is before I proceed to melt up some of the good stuff such as the Argentium and 18k rose gold to come. Disc cutters, hand tools for link forming, new forming stakes, these have been my new explorations. These experience seeking travels this past season had taken me to the library. Funny as this sounds, I haven’t been in a library since small ecru 3×5 cards were all lined up neat in the card catalog system. I’ve had a blast. An excuse to walk in the wind, buy overpriced coffee, and come home with a source of personal treasure. I have become akin to the squirrels furious activity seeking more ideas, skills, techniques.

.Autumn education

I’ve consumed nearly every text book offered by MLK library. I’ve been aggregating ideas, and likes for a few months I have now moved to the point where practicing skills and general business set up have become daily. Learning and loading new inventory and pricing software, identifying and counting each piece by small piece, in addition to discovering the wide world that is or connected to Word Press, I’m full up with education this season. Autumn for it’s apparent finality has proved to me every season is a season for growth and continuance.

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