Forgiving my pun, falling into this fantastical world of jewellery design and creation whilst for the lofty and dreamy inner artist soul, it can not be for the faint of heart. The challenge of floating on the varied breeze of Beauty and Art herself is finding a gentle air to play on. 
At this time my task is to take all the joy and all the yearning I’m finding in this new endeavor and practice skills repetitively. Envision them into a single item, fabricated, forged, soldered, polished and evaluated. Truth be told, at times my love and desire for her leave me overwhelmed. As this is an affair of the inner heart, here lies where my work begins. I begin by appreciating that at this point in my life I have this opportunity. Beckoned by a siren’s song to this adventure, how can I refuse her? This is my inner work. Follow Beauty.
Usually the artist has a number of years to practice their craft. Pursuing through education and practice they will happen upon “their artist’s voice”. For instance when you fall upon a certain piece or item of jewellery and you recognize who the designer is without even picking it up. You learn to identify a look or a field of a material, some signatory feature to the piece that tells you it is by a certain artist. You know them for their type of style and look. In my pursuit trying to find my voice in the co-creation of Beauty manifest as objects of adornment, I’m learning that I can’t skip steps nor speed up the process. Frustratingly so at times to the point of paralysis. Somehow I beleive this to be the dance of a creative. The give and take, the friction of creation.
Learning my skills, practicing my skills, designing ideas, sitting in the quiet reaching for inspiration, learning how to photograph, learning how to blog, learning Instagram, learning WordPress, learning inventory software, learning Ecwid and Etsy,  learning learning, learning. Who knew all of these elements would result from the simple desire to create beautiful pieces of wearable art. I must. I continue to give over to the gentle rustlings of this season, trusting that the object of my intended will reward my endeavors by stirring a potential spirit mate who appreciates the journey and shares it with a culminated purchase. 

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