This is a sweet and easy read. I’m grateful she wrote it and I chance found it.

I loved the simple explanation. It’s a question I’m beginning to appreciate. Learning how to price my work is an evolving experience. Much like the skills, time, and practice that goes into creation. There is a mason jar on my bench nearly full of seeming mistakes. Yet, this jar is also full of hope. It reminds me of where I have been and how far I have come. I keep bookmarks of more than a few of my favorite designers to keep me in check as to how far I aspire.  I never fully appreciated all that went into the design and creation of objects of wearable art. Until the past three years. I had been one of those onlookers often commenting- “I could do that”. It was one day at the Christmas market in front of the Smithsonian when a close friend said,” But you didn’t do that and you don’t, that’s why you buy it.” Ding – a light went on!image

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