Here in Washington, DC, spring is arriving. The feeling of new life is pushing forward through all. Collectively we are celebrating. A link to see just how we do. DC Cherry Blossom Festval

Even more locally I find it fitting that the beginnings of custom work should commence. One client has design ideas for a diamond bangle. An upcycle of her unused earrings, pendant and rings.  

Perfect for spring, a mother’s pendant that will feature her loves’ birthstones. Part of this project consists of a handmade chain at 26″ in length with an included removable bracelet. I’m entranced during the construction of chain. 

 The repetetive forming action and repeated soldering, translates to a relaxing day for me. While fully focused and intentions clear, my mind freely roams. Time slips and boisterously spring arrives.

I’ll keep on hopping down this bunny trail and update as I go.

Happy Spring everyone.

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