I enjoy reading other artist’s blogs. As I read I imagine their voice telling their story. Sometimes I know what they look like sometimes not, it surprises me how little matters save for the in common sound. There is a spirit in their storytelling that resonates. A common heart. Beauty’s song. There she is again, my muse.

Meet Cyle Thomas. Cyle reached out recently to a FB group I follow asking advice. He is opening his own shop in downtown Cape Cod. Understandably for a goldsmith this is big news.  I’m excited for him! As I was reading about his journey on his website, I came across this blog entry from last year, If he only knew then…Every Sale Counts by Cyle Thomas

He words it so well, that my intention to express the same is satisfied. However, as I continue to “live the life”, I am unable to be that lazy. My current custom work has afforded me the opportunity to purchase some more beauties, stones and more silver, beginning a cycle again.

 Fresh air, new life. Spring is more than a season. I realize that the idea of Spring is intrinsic to my continued growth. Spring has become a promise. I consider these moments my inner treasure hauls, inner beauties. Those rare gems that are without price as they are earned by living.

Pencil designs have begun, committing me to once again persue Beauty.

This is the truth of a maker. It becomes a way of life. A full circle. I am thankful to be at the table.  I am thankful for the journey of others as they lift me up. May I do the same.

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