IMG_3702Being proudly, a D.C. based, small business artist, I’d be remiss if I didn’t celebrate the beauty of our Cherry Blossom trees.

Annually the city holds a week long festival celebrating the blooming, history and gift of these trees. Here is the Festival’s link. The festivities last the week through and is definitely a good time showcasing our beautiful city.

National Cherry Blossom Festival

To be inspired by these is endless. To see them en masse is amazing and lifts your spirit immediatley upon seeing them. Spring floods your senses. Their simple shape beguiles by mesmerizing the viewer with shades of pink. Shades of blush to hot can be found among the varieties. This is definitely a universal symbol that says “Bloom Spring!”

To debut I decided to keep it simple and work with fusing 18kt gold techniques to Argentium 935 silver. After the design was drawn and sawn from two disks at a time, filing creates shape and interest. Fusing and forming by dapping add dimension. The stamen doubles as the earring post behind.

An alternative set of earring jackets is available. Using your own stud, these change up your standards quickly.

All of these have been heat treated to give them the maximum durability. Polished and satin finished to highlight the differing metals. These measure 1.75″ across and are ready to bloom for you now! I will definitely be revisiting working with this design, BTW,  inspired directly from a bloom off my neighbor’s tree. I will vary the gold in the design. I definitely see adding some Spring sparkle in the form of a pink sapphire, rose quartz, or pink tourmaline. Requests?  Maybe a few blooms atop a cuff?




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