WHEW, Times they are a’changin’ goes the song. For me, keeping an inner march of seasons as a measure, makes for some inner stability. Sunrise, Sunset stretches out to the same by the seasons. Summer solstice, sunrise. Winter solstice, sunset. Large breaths. Big picture.

Our Mid-summer has arrived in DC with a couple of days breaking the 100 degree heat index. We have had heavy storms filled with the thunder and lightning shows that are expected this time of year. These, since childhood, have always been a source of wonder and amazement for myself, thus I have made many opportunities to stop in the moment and take in the power and welling awe a changing season may bring. It is in these moments that I begin to feel the inner tug to spend time with Beauty.

My Mid-summer’s Madness has arrived in a flurry of personal deconstruction and professional reconstruction. Magic seems not to care whether or not that it was summoned perhaps by Madness. Amidst the noise of a kitchen remodeling project, and the stiflingly rare high heat in the studio upstairs, body and spirit have been forced to retreat to lower, cooler areas of the house. Now, I am simplified and reduced to this challenge by a notebook and pencil. I set to task designing some new fall pieces. My natural flow being to sit at the bench in gratitude and receptivity and wait until she, (Beauty), arrives, I wait until “it” happens. Iridescence, opalescence, translucency, these qualities help my mind settle down when I sit with them. Their inner qualities work to distract from the noise of the day, good and taxing thoughts, loosen and soften.

Dancing naked under the light of a full moon has always been credo, and I, generally being a silver-lining seeker, am delighted by the magic folk’s invitation to a more structured and formal design process from an outset. These creations to come, may be my Mid-summer Night’s Magic.

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