“There is in you something that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself. It is the only true guide you will ever have.” -Howard Thurman

Art by Michal Dziekan

Happy Labor Day!

End of summer and excited as I head back into my studio. Curiously, as I look to enter back into a creative place this quote caught my ear by ringing true. I am coming out of a place where I am learning to allow my creative space a time to rest. A quiet space, uncomfortable at first as fears of common block enter, yet summering through reveals a time to grow, change, evolve and become. The space between seasons this year is still teaching. My first lesson has been to let go the need to control a gift. Surrender is not a losing word, yet one of possible resurrection in a larger picture. At this time of year, Autumn and then Winter always pointing to the cycles of life. My recent wrestle with my own mortality and the display of Beauty’s final fires to come in a month or so, promise to shake the dead thoughts, ideas, and fears from my limbs.

As I sit down feeling the impetus to create, my aim is to be receptive while expectant for Beauty to show herself again. The result of my handwork I hope to be loyal to the spirit in which it is sought. The breadth of these inner explorations amazes me as the handwork and journey of others I admire. I am still ever amazed at the common voice of earnestness through their writings, paintings, their art, their creations.

A “Contemplative artist”, a phrase new to my lexicon this summer. A phrase I’m still ruminating and caring for to germination. I now believe, this is where I will “find my voice” as coined by others farther along in the field. The very reason I desire to commit to any of these is here. Always from the wellspring within us all. Winter is Coming! That one is used a lot lately. I’m going to attempt a small cohesive collection of Winter White for the holiday season and over the New Year.

Inspired, this image is where I start.

Winter Birch, white topaz, white turquoise, white opal, moonstone, Argentium 935. Etched, carved, formed, set. Chains, earrings, bracelet too.

I’m off into the Winter woods.

On the FYI for those in the DMV, this is a link to feed your spirit of Beauty.

https://www.washingtonian.com/2017/10/04/dc-area-hikes-perfect-families/DMV Hikes for Autumn

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