It’s inevitable. The tweaks, the adjustments, the moving around of the pieces on the board. I’ve been wrestling with the direction and balance of an online retail life. Between a modernly required active social media presence and the inner voice of the primary  “Why do I choose to do what I do.” Bouncing from social site to social site requires, as we are all learning, an interval life check. What and whom is being served.

I have put my blog on the back burner for more than a few months. Digging deep and displaying inner thoughts and views in the art process needed a break. Sharing does not come forward from me easy going. Inner and external forces are always contending for attention. Between the news and my own personal distractions, I do find writing helps loosen the gears. Yet even after the thoughts expressed, while revealing and helpful, ache at being discovered. I could indefinitely leave my writing in the edit mode. Today alone as I dusted off this blog, I found four drafts, two from last year. Beautiful writing, journal worthy, yet cramped and stilted from production and publication. This was my chosen path as of late. Focused on the interaction of social media and it’s pluses and its ills. I have let it draw me from a more focused production. This served me well, my sales have surprised me. Yet, for me at this point in my artistic endeavors, sales, luckily and truly, only serve half the picture. In response I’m flipping the game plan till fall. My focus forward will be the website and blog. Less social media priorities and more creating and experimenting, aka playtime. Allowing me to focus my attention and voice on what is mine to and that which is before me. The object I hope as I am learning, is to create a more thorough and complete expression of my work within the one site. Integrating both sides of my work. The physical results of designing and making something born from the work within shared in the blog. The inner and the outer. Less distraction. I’m hoping and trying to let the work be enough in and of itself for awhile. I am trying to let the results of my time be enough on their own. Grabbing an inner anchor comes to mind.

If you have not already done so, kindly register on my website to be directly notified of new blog posts, process shots and videos and of course editorial photo shots. JasprCraggJewelry website. Interaction, comments and replies are all active.

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Of course I happily can always be reached by email at

Going forward I hope to include a site page with a “Meet the Maker” bit. An intro to who I am and what being a contemplative artist means to me and my family.

My page photos are some of the work I produced during the past 2018/19 winter months. Pleased with the turnout for it has managed to push me past reservation and into an open field of possibilities. By moving in the mental frame of creating complimentary pieces, for a winter line, I found help drawing on developing my own take on inspiration and ideas. More “why-not?” and less “why?”

If you’re still with me, thank you. Thank you for being a part of my journey. One thing I am finding, Beauty is.

It is a constant. It is present. It is available…Beauty is.




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