⚜️ #jasprcraggjewelry I call this shot “Tulipes en bulbe” This was a great morning event this past weekend. Beautiful and many colors at all phases of opening. The bulb was included to dry and plant in the fall! Money to a good cause to boot!The Field of Tulips @citycenterdc and @thefieldoftulips Next year, I’ll be there! #artjewelry #citycenterdc #artjewellry #jewelry #jewellery #studiojewelry #contemplativeartist #thisismadeindc #madeinusa #washingtondc

Wearing many hats, photography has been challenging. I never set out to learn about photography. Yet in the past few years I have grown to enjoy being present in mind to see a shot. Living with the ability to constantly snap a pic and the presence to always be on the lookout for Beauty. Product photography is a must, always learning to improve that has led to larger shots.

Color, texture, line, shape, not being formally trained, all these influences begin to speak to me through the lens. The camera is teaching me to see metal as a canvas for these influencers.

My liking Botanical Illustration and having had childhood Florist experience, have helped me to develop an appreciation and fascination for florals.

Honestly it is first my love of color. Nature’s breadth is staggering. Secondly with seasonal changes, location visits, the array is seemingly endless. I love the smaller, the better. The minute complex yet organized details fascinate me.

So there you have it. I include many photographs of our yard, neighborhood, region etc. All of the aforementioned reasons. Flowers + Gemstones and precious metals my head can be full of color, light, Beauty. Not to shabby and happy to share.

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