Summer is around the corner. Loving a Summer Solstice Full Moon and a good Memorial Day BBQ, I’m excited to be working on a few more pieces to released for the summer ’20. Below are a few process shots for fabrication and design search.
Spring here in DC this year has been amazingly congenial. Temperatures in the mid 60’s for the most part, have been the best for early morning studio work. Come August the studio turns into its’ own kiln. This is when I’ll hide in a book or video for education.

WIP Argentium and fine silver bezel soldering process shot

WIP Soldering 2mm handmade jumprings to fabricated earring chandelier hangers

Lapis Lazuli highlighted by handmade 3mm faceted turquoise argentium 935 silver chain.

Early attempts alternate directions

Handmade 3mm faceted turquoise chain

“It” begins. It’s in the repetition of the. Jain making that my mind wanders with it done, looking to compliment it.

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