Autumnal Changes ‘21

Autumn ‘21 is here! I’m thrilled. It’s been a busy month and it’s all good news.

Ta-Da!!! Jaspr Cragg Jewelry logo, favicon, SVG, jpg, etc etc. I followed through and finally formalized my branding across the board. Digitizing all my marketing elements for continual use. I’ll save the personal meaning for a separate blog entry. I've been learning and reading about different graphic formats for images and how they are and are not used in each format. Another life, graphic design is so cool I could see myself getting lost in that art. Make no mistake the knowledge and skill from repeated practice are equally required there.

In my last month’s entry, I shared some of the pieces that I am working on for Winterwoods’21. All was and still is,  moving along as the seasons. And then,,, the call. The one most of us may keep proverbially in the back of our mind - “You’ve won the Lotto!” 

The Women, Minorities and Allies collective I was participating in 2019-2020 is back! With a new location, the growing maker community, and common goals, Covid will not win! The sheer variety of maker’s offerings presented here makes total holiday gifting an easy breeze. Small businesses appreciate your gift-giving as it will benefit two-fold.

The DC PopUp is located at 2124 Connecticut Ave, N.W., Wash, DC 


New work, for me at this time is taking a mystery mood for Autumn. Shades of grey to the black of an encroaching winter are interrupted and interspersed with flashes of gold, amber, cognac, nature’s glories in a dizzying final display of Beauty! Patinated and antiqued Argentium silver and embellished with colored diamonds, haloed with 18k gold. Magic, mystery and Beauty from within you year-round.
Starting October, my hope is to feature a few of each in thedcpopup’s new location through December.
Till again, from inside my studio pursuing Beauty, Thank you.

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