Hey, I’m back to blogging!

I’ve missed this manner and I find this format gentler as it aligns with my intentional metalsmithing goals. Continuing and future comments and conversations are always welcome I believe at the bottom of the blog.

Some business news. I have been and am in the process of moving to a Shopify account from Ecwid, With a few changes to my online workflow, I was able to save quite a few bucks. I’m still working through the buggy differences between hosting a blog on WordPress or using the built-in version on Shopify.  Etsy is a traffic driver so I am keeping it at

Instagram at is and has been a bread and butter venue, so definitely more editorial photos and shop links will continue. FB, society’s love/hate affair, going forward, I will be only using this medium in a directory format. I feel I’m late to the game in moving away from FB for jewelry and safe business practices. Essentially all roads will lead back to “from the inner Studio” blog. The studio is after all like the heart in my creativity. A playroom, a workroom, and how much more past what the eye sees? 

Winter is on my mind in this 100 degree August heat. Now is the time I’m working towards adding a few one-of-a-kind pieces in the Winterwoods line, This line features multi-cool hues in a monochromatic grouping. The cooling tones of boundless snow and ice are calling to my summer fire an invite to a more reflective glow. Silvers and shades of blue and purple even rose play in grey. Polished grey agate and silver lace agate take the lead to be accented by Argentium spheres and faceted Austrian crystal. All of these tones are building layers as a backdrop to the one-of-a-kind Argentium silver focal pieces to come. Stay tuned.

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