“Our Light will outlast their flag.”

  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! During my seasonal rituals of reading and reviewing all things rough and right of 2017, especially in a year where my own community has come under direct attack, and while struggling with my own ideas and needs for the substance of Hope, I came across this. I read it, … Continue reading “Our Light will outlast their flag.”

Thank you Spring.

I enjoy reading other artist's blogs. As I read I imagine their voice telling their story. Sometimes I know what they look like sometimes not, it surprises me how little matters save for the in common sound. There is a spirit in their storytelling that resonates. A common heart. Beauty's song. There she is again, … Continue reading Thank you Spring.

Spring buds and custom new beginnings 

     Here in Washington, DC, spring is arriving. The feeling of new life is pushing forward through all. Collectively we are celebrating. A link to see just how we do. DC Cherry Blossom Festval    Even more locally I find it fitting that the beginnings of custom work should commence. One client has design ideas … Continue reading Spring buds and custom new beginnings 

Ahhhh the truth of it…

This is the week, I call a place between a place. Like a secret grotto, where laying low between holidays affords me time to reflect on the year past and the one to come. Goals, achievements, hopes and misses dance by my eyes. The struggle is real folks. For all of us. Following dreams and … Continue reading Ahhhh the truth of it…

Beauty is…

   One of the tenets of my creative expression is to extoll the ideal of Beauty. I constantly try to align myself with the spirit of this muse. My relationship with her is borne out of respect by the humbling of her presence.  As I continue this journey of relationship with Beauty, I will post … Continue reading Beauty is…

2000 year old skills still stun.

I feel this is very much worth your time to watch. It amazes me to watch the deconstruction and reconstruction of someone's ( group of) work, nearly 2000 years old. To be in the company of these far gone souls through using the same skill sets today, stuns and boggles my mind. I am grateful, … Continue reading 2000 year old skills still stun.

Why is Handmade Jewelry So Expensive?

This is a sweet and easy read. I'm grateful she wrote it and I chance found it. https://silverspiralcreations.wordpress.com/2015/10/18/why-is-handmade-jewelry-so-expensive/ I loved the simple explanation. It's a question I'm beginning to appreciate. Learning how to price my work is an evolving experience. Much like the skills, time, and practice that goes into creation. There is a mason jar … Continue reading Why is Handmade Jewelry So Expensive?