Autumn, endings turn to beginnings



Handmade at Amazon


Ok, here we go! My first listings with Amazon. While there has been much debate within the artisan community, I’m one who believes if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Amazon has made it entice-able by offering user fees gratis until August 2016. Nothing ventured nothing gained if you will. Either way it is a public e-commerce site that facilitates getting studio artists like myself visibility.

JusJasJewelry Handmade at Amazon http://amzn.to/1QlcU6w
Let me know what you have heard, think, and your experience with Amazon’s new venture!





Even the tiniest…

I choose to be one of those artists that aspires to make everything. Even the tiniest parts such as these 3mm links. My attempt at mastering flame control!  When I say handmade, each of my creations are entirely handmade. Save for the lapidary and metallurgy work; after all, there are only so many hours in a lifetime. Obviously my goal here is not mass production yet limited release. It is totally the personal challenge of completing each component. It adds to my sense of accomplishment in pursuing Beauty.


Progress …

Argentium silver and 2.6 mm sapphires

Argentium 935 silver

Quick progress shots. Progress in skills and in this particular custom job! Great days having the windows open and a southern exposure warming the studio. Finished pics to come, after more sapphires and a clean up!


I could do that!

I’ve often said, I could do that ! This link has given me new perspective and a load of deep respect.


The gleam of gold…

 I am the dust in the sunlight, I am the ball of the sun.I am the mist of morning, the breath of evening.
I am the spark in the stone, the gleam of gold in the metal.

The rose and the nightingale drunk with its fragrance.

I am the chain of being, the circle of the spheres,

The scale of creation, the rise and the fall.

I am what is and is not, I am the soul in all…
~ Rumi

 Exactly; this is what I was trying to express in yesterday’s post. My studio time is transportive. Whether in education, or practice, here do I touch Beauty.


Autumn falls


Forgiving my pun, falling into this fantastical world of jewellery design and creation whilst for the lofty and dreamy inner artist soul, it can not be for the faint of heart. The challenge of floating on the varied breeze of Beauty and Art herself is finding a gentle air to play on. 
At this time my task is to take all the joy and all the yearning I’m finding in this new endeavor and practice skills repetitively. Envision them into a single item, fabricated, forged, soldered, polished and evaluated. Truth be told, at times my love and desire for her leave me overwhelmed. As this is an affair of the inner heart, here lies where my work begins. I begin by appreciating that at this point in my life I have this opportunity. Beckoned by a siren’s song to this adventure, how can I refuse her? This is my inner work. Follow Beauty.
Usually the artist has a number of years to practice their craft. Pursuing through education and practice they will happen upon “their artist’s voice”. For instance when you fall upon a certain piece or item of jewellery and you recognize who the designer is without even picking it up. You learn to identify a look or a field of a material, some signatory feature to the piece that tells you it is by a certain artist. You know them for their type of style and look. In my pursuit trying to find my voice in the co-creation of Beauty manifest as objects of adornment, I’m learning that I can’t skip steps nor speed up the process. Frustratingly so at times to the point of paralysis. Somehow I beleive this to be the dance of a creative. The give and take, the friction of creation.
Learning my skills, practicing my skills, designing ideas, sitting in the quiet reaching for inspiration, learning how to photograph, learning how to blog, learning Instagram, learning WordPress, learning inventory software, learning Ecwid and Etsy,  learning learning, learning. Who knew all of these elements would result from the simple desire to create beautiful pieces of wearable art. I must. I continue to give over to the gentle rustlings of this season, trusting that the object of my intended will reward my endeavors by stirring a potential spirit mate who appreciates the journey and shares it with a culminated purchase. 


More to come…



Beauty in Fold-Forming

Fold Forming Charles Lewton-Brain

As I work my way, literally through this book, I am ever surprised by the fluidity of metal. I never imagined the possibilities of creation with an appearing solid material. Simple maneuvers yield beautiful simple and repeating forms and patterns.

I started playing with fold-forming  the other day after plowing halfway though the book first. This simple ring was such a surprise at the end of my session that I had to do it again larger, thus the cuff.


While I continue to play in copper, I am amazed at what a patina will reveal of the formed structure. Considered marks and often unconsidered ones will reveal themselves in the patination process. Once again showing me, Beauty, while appreciated, is often elusive and whimsical in it’s appearance.


Autumn’s Pace ; Continuance

Autumn Moon
I’m a seasonal. By this I mean that I have always loved the change of the seasons. This was the primary reason for myself moving to the Washington, DC area some 13 yrs ago from the thin seasoned Miami.

I find myself usually reflective during the Fall. With change so evident I get carried on the breeze of nostalgia. Not wanting to get stuck in the emotions of nostalgia I use the season to take time to reflect over the past year. All the joys, all the rough spots. As I look up and out of myself, my past, I open my eyes to the glory that comes from living. Each day. There is an accumulated knowing that hums peacefully, always supporting me in the background. I’ve made it this far in life, I’m alive, in the pursuit of what each day offers, the colors of Fall reassure me. The cycles continue. Every Autumn I find myself grateful. As the leaves drop and color fades, I nod in gratitude for the beauty of life lived, and the assurance of a continuance; that not only is to come, but is always now, especially in Autumn.IMG_1344

Now, in this life’s new chapter’s endeavors, I am in the studio this Autumn season practicing, and learning. Working with the season, I have been working in copper to try out new toys. This is before I proceed to melt up some of the good stuff such as the Argentium and 18k rose gold to come. Disc cutters, hand tools for link forming, new forming stakes, these have been my new explorations. These experience seeking travels this past season had taken me to the library. Funny as this sounds, I haven’t been in a library since small ecru 3×5 cards were all lined up neat in the card catalog system. I’ve had a blast. An excuse to walk in the wind, buy overpriced coffee, and come home with a source of personal treasure. I have become akin to the squirrels furious activity seeking more ideas, skills, techniques.

.Autumn education

I’ve consumed nearly every text book offered by MLK library. I’ve been aggregating ideas, and likes for a few months I have now moved to the point where practicing skills and general business set up have become daily. Learning and loading new inventory and pricing software, identifying and counting each piece by small piece, in addition to discovering the wide world that is or connected to Word Press, I’m full up with education this season. Autumn for it’s apparent finality has proved to me every season is a season for growth and continuance.


A journey continues: a blog develops, a line “insight”

imageThis picture inspires me toward chandelier earrings. In silver with a modern filigree. A large focal brooch. Curved into a statement bracelet. This is how I see. I walk around looking, one person may see one thing, & I may see another. Most of us do this. The drawing of my attention to a single moment peels back something that caught my eye. Revealing to me another world where the colors and shapes begin to dance and delight me. A shape takes form that pleases me, makes me smile, and then a click, the proverbial light going off in my head, and I just “know”. Designing jewelry becomes a playtime, an experience outside myself.
I’m only now learning to grab the iPhone for a quick photo, a quick voice memo. Id like to find an easy app that allows me to draw on a picture for ideas. More reading. This process I have always called, having a god moment, those perfectly still moments that particularly shine within the single moment.

My classes are going well I’m excited every week with each project turnout. My teacher and fellow students inspire me to see so much more possibility. I am starting to dream of putting the different aspects of what I’m learning together and creating my own line.

I will note that I started writing this blog many months before I released it. I wanted to have something built up and collected. Waiting to see where my interests develop as an artist and my concepts for how I want to present my line. Part of this blog’s journey is a testament to the development of my hobby turned full-time and to a third, yea, fourth wind career.

Back to today; I am continually considering who do I want to be as an artist, what do I want to stand for, how shall I express myself, what ideas through metalsmith, wire working, soldering, and mixed media forms. My playfully humble attempt continues to try to display a brief glimpse of beauty.