Jaspr Cragg of JasprCraggJewelry has lived in the historical Shaw, Washington area for nearly 20 years. Working as an international flight attendant for twelve years, traveling, living and commuting between three continents and the U.S. Virgin Islands. In 2013, after another dozen years in real estate honing business practices, he had a life view changing experience. As a result, a new burgeoning passion for the pursuit of Beauty in his life invited Jaspr to explore an inner landscape of creative potential. Beauty, laying dormant within all those years, now calling him to head off in an entirely new direction. In coming to the world of Art later in life, transforming his home office in 2015 into an equipped private studio, Jaspr is now pursuing Beauty through metal and stone. In offering contemplative and globally inspired designs, these one-at-a-time handmade jewelry pieces present a body of wearable art, wrought back from chasing Beauty in his studio. It is hoped that through this relationship in metal and stone, the patron’s own relationship with Beauty may be enhanced.

  • 935 Argentium Silver (less prone to tarnish, high amount of pure silver)

  • All metals are of sustainably made recycled materials 

  • Suppliers are green and using traceable stones

  • 5% of profits will go to Washington Home and Hospice Washington Home Hospice

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